Mixing Equipment

Stop wasting. Start saving.

Richway's mixing equipment is capable of handing all your mixing needs; from slurry used in cellular concrete to concrete used for sidewalk repair.  

For producing cellular concrete they're designed to pair up perfectly with one of our CreteFoamer machines.  Tired of paying short load fees and waiting for material on your smaller concrete projects?  They're ideal for handling small to medium sized concrete jobs.

Richway mixers let you take control of your schedule, the quality of your material, and eliminate extra ready mix charges.  


Perfect for continuous mixing of cement slurries using bagged materials

Richway GM-CS2G Grout Mixer


  • Up to 2 yds³/hr output
  • Continuous production output
  • Designed to work with CF-CS6G or as a stand alone mixer
  • Uses preblended bagged cementitious material

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Ideal machine for producing cement slurries with super sacks, or feed it with bulk cement silo

Richway GM-CT8G Grout Mixer
  • Up to 8 - 12 yds³/hr output
  • For producing slurry, grout, and concrete mixes
  • Designed to work with bulk bag materials or portable silo
  • Great for small load mixing

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