Cellular Concrete Question & Answers - Water Reducers

Can I use water reducers and other admixtures?

Yes, water reducers can be used and will help with dispersion and wetting of the cement powder before adding the foam. Most other admixtures can also be used including fiber reinforcement and strength enhancers, but in all cases tests should be run before mix design is finalized. 

Cellular Concrete as an Alternative to Flowable Fill/Geofoam

Use Cellular Concrete as an Alternative for Flowable Fill/Geofoam

Any applications where flowable fill or geofoam blocks are being used, cellular concrete is an excellent alternative, and in many cases the preferred material of choice. Cellular concrete does have some benefits over flowable fill like it provides some sound and heat insulating properties.  Also cellular concrete is easily excavated, depending the strength of the material, in some cases it could be excavated by using simple hand tools.  Contact us today to see if cellular concrete would be a good alternative on your next project.    

World of Concrete 2020

Richway Industries will once again be exhibiting at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas in 2020.  Stop by booth N1937 to see what's new this year.  We will be introducing a new technology for the cellular concrete industry that will make your job easier.  We will also have our latest machine on display for floor underlayments.  We look forward to seeing you in February.  

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