Planter Fertilizer Control Systems

Precision control. Reasonably priced.

Richway helps you boost profits in two ways. Save money by using our electric or pneumatic valves to turn off the fertilizer when you turn off the seed, and make more money with our rate control solutions, which precisely set the rate for every row.

Our systems are built around two major components: shut-off valves and rate controllers. The valves operate in conjunction with your row clutches or electric seed meters. Choose from two types of valves to control fertilizer for any system or rate.  The other component, the rate controller, allows you to set your target pressure and speed and it does the rest.  

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Direct Acting Solenoid

Electrically activated valves

  • Designed to work directly and easily interface with electric clutches and electric seed meters
  • Flow up to 30 gallons per acre to 45 psi
  • Have large orifice and clean flow path to minimize pressure drop and clogging
  • Easy to open for inspection and cleaning
  • Deutsch or Weather Pack electrical connectors

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Pneumatically activated valves

  • Available for rates up to 100 gallons per acre
  • Non clogging and can close on particulate matter and slurries
  • Can be configured for air clutch and electric clutch planters
  • Available for 1/4” and 3/8” line sizes

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Rate Controllers

Maintain constant flow at each row, regardless of how many rows are shut off

  • Controls electric pump, hydraulic, or ground
    driven systems
  • Economical
  • GPS speed compensation for more accurate fertilizer application
  • Systems available for both in-furrow and banding application rates
  • Flow divider and orifice plate compatible

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