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also manufactures industrial valves used in many industries.  Airpinch air actuated pinch valves can provide immediate, positive shut off of liquids and dry flowables.  Their unique flow through design provides rapid operation, full flow, and positive closure.  How it works- air pressure at the valve control inlet collapses the internal sleeve providing immediate and positive shut off.  Choose from a variety of specially formulated rubber sleeve elastomers (including FDA approved compounds), for optimum media compatibility and performance.

Operation  Airpinch pinch valves are normally open and will require constant pressure for sustained closure; with a maximum control (air) pressure of 90 psi.
Typical differential control pressures are 20 psi greater when controlling liquid media and 40 psi when controlling air.  Liquid may also be used for actuation.  Airpinch pinch valves can effectively control a moderate vacuum, up to 26"Hg.

Performance  Airpinch pinch valves can be a real problem solver for on/off control of liquids and dry flowables.  They can be particularly well suited for applications involving abrasives, highly viscous, and corrosive materials.
Rapid operation up to 100 cycles per minute is possible.  Response time and flow rates will be dependent on system pressure and design, as well as valve size and rubber sleeve material used.

Other valve types available include duckbill check valves, quick exhaust valves, and pulse pumps.

Please see for complete information on these versatile pinch valves.

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